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Use our Sugar Wine Bottle Mold Kits to make a wine bottle cake—perfect for weddings, bridal showers, wine tastings, and culinary events. Or make a breakaway glass bottle that will shatter safely, even over someone’s head! Sugar glass wine bottles make great stage props in your next theatre production, or pull a hilarious prank on your friends. Our kits include all the materials and instructions you need (except the wine!) to make a food-safe mold that can be used over and over again to create sugar glass wine bottles. Need to make multiple sugar glass bottles? Save money when you buy our two- or four-bottle kits. For instructions on how to make a sugar bottle mold, watch our Free, Instructional Video.

Materials Included

  • CopyFlex® Liquid Silicone
  • ClearCut™ Isomalt
  • Seal-Dit™
  • Anchor-Dit™
  • Safe-D-Clay™
  • Wine Bottle Tube-It™
  • Slit Wine Bottle Tube-It™
  • Band-Its™

One Wine Bottle Mold Kit



Two Wine Bottle Mold Kit



Four Wine Bottle Mold Kit



moldThese kits include everything needed to make these amazing, food safe, reusable molds; they include the proper amounts of Safe-D-Clay™, Isomalt, and our Dits™, as well as our CopyFlex® the new Tube-Its™ and Band-Its™.

wine bottle measuresThe tubes included in our Sugar Wine Bottle Mold Kits are designed to fit a standard wine bottle, with dimensions up to 13″ high and 3″ in diameter (measured across the bottom of the bottle). If you need to make a mold from a larger bottle, please purchase one of our Sugar Champagne Bottle Mold Kits.

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