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Make Your Own Molds For Any Application

Silicone Plastique®

  • Food Grade / Food Safe
  • Pressable Putty
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Curing
  • Make a Mold on the Fly
  • Works anywhere
    (even vertical applications)

CopyFlex® New and Improved!

  • Now a Clear-Green color!
  • Food Grade / Food Safe
  • Pourable Liquid
  • Professional
  • Strong
  • Self-Leveling
  • Fantastic Stretch and Flexibility


Silicone Plastique®

High quality food grade silicone mold making putty, perfect for making molds for sugar and non sugar artists, and for making molds for any project.

CopyFlex® New and Improved!

We have reformulated our popular CopyFlex® Liquid Silicone to overcome supply chain issues and offer our customers a superior product. Our New Green CopyFlex® is available for purchase NOW!

A high quality food grade pourable liquid silicone, perfect for making molds that require you to capture high amounts of detail over large surfaces.

Mold Making Kits

Convenient collections of our mold making products packaged together into Mold Making Kits, providing you with everything you need to start making your very own food grade silicone molds.

How To Make Molds

In-depth instructions on how to make your own molds with our high quality mold making materials.

The Dits™

The Dits™ are non-toxic mixtures that help resolve certain problems that may arise in the mold making process. Designed for food grade molding, the Dits™ are made from a special blend of food grade waxes.

ClearCut™ Isomalt & Supplies

Chemically pure, ultra high grade Isomalt used by chefs and sugar artists to create decorations and confectionary delights.


Safe-D-Clay™ can be used to thicken thin objects before mold making and also to back irregularly shaped objects. It is non-toxic and non-drying and is perfect for the clay-ups that are necessary when making two part molds.

Mold Making Supplies

To help you in your mold making endeavors, we offer these useful tools and mold making accessories to help you create a perfect food safe mold.

Marvelous Molds

Finely detailed, high quality, “cutting edge” molds crafted by Marvelous Molds. Earlenes Enhanced Lace, Marina’s Sugar Bead Molds, Sculpted Scroll Molds and much more.

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