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Drinking glasses made from sugar, also known as “sugar glass”, are very popular in both the cake decorating industry and as stage props for plays, theatrical productions and films. Cake decorators use sugar martini, champagne, wine and beer glasses on cakes celebrating birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. As a stage prop, sugar glassware, also known as “breakaway glass”, can be dropped, thrown or broken over an actors head without the risk of injury that would accompany real glass. The sugar glass mold kits below, and the companion free “how to video”, will enable you to make a special silicone mold that will produce this remarkable sugar art.

Sugar Wine Glass Molds

wine kits

Sugar Martini Glass Mold Making Kits

martini kits

Sugar Beer Glass Mold Making Kits

beer kits

Sugar Champagne Glass Mold Making Kits

champagne kits
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