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champagne kits

Make your own sugar champagne glasses. Perfect for cake decorating and as stage props for plays, theatrical productions and films. The sugar champagne glass mold kits below and the companion, free “how to” video will enable you to make a special silicone mold that will produce a remarkable, edible champagne glass made from sugar.

Materials Included

  • CopyFlex® Liquid Silicone
  • Silicone Plastique®
  • ClearCut™ Isomalt
  • Seal-Dit™
  • Anchor-Dit™
  • Safe-D-Clay™
  • Champagne Glass Tube-It™
  • Slit Champagne Glass Tube-It™
  • Band-Its™
  • Champagne Glass

One Champagne Glass Mold Kit



Two Champagne Glass Mold Kit



Four Champagne Glass Mold Kit



moldThese kits include everything needed to make these amazing, food safe, reusable molds; they include the proper amounts of Safe-D-Clay™, Isomalt, our Dits™, as well as our CopyFlex®, Silicone Plastique®, the new Tube-Its™, Band-Its™, and a Champagne Glass to mold.

champagne glassThis champagne glass is included in the Champagne Glass Mold Making Kit. For Wine, Martini, and Beer Glass Mold Making Kits, Click here

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