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Hannah Lees
Hanimation Studios

“My friends and I threw a Star Wars party this past weekend just for the sake of throwing a fun and nerdy party. So to help set the mood we all brainstormed up fun Star Wars themed snacks we could make for the event. I thought Han Solo in Carbonite chocolate bars would be hilarious, and after doing a little research, realized they were totally possible! So here’s what I did to create these deliciously nerdy treats!”

So I started out with some Super Sculpey, which can be purchased at almost any local craft store. I decided how big I wanted to make my chocolate bar and began sculpting. I made the rectangular base first, then added on clay that I then sculpted into his body, face, hands and legs. After a good 20-30 minutes in the oven, following the baking directions on the Sculpey box, I had a solid little Han Solo to cast my chocolate mold from.


When I first thought of making the chocolate mold, my biggest concern was making it out of something that was safe for food. Steph and I stumbled upon,which has all sorts of food grade mold making products. I chose to go with the Silicone Plastique® myself, since it seemed very user friendly, as well as having the option to only use what I needed, thus not wasting any of the product. So following the direction that came with the Silicone Plastique®, I covered my Sculpey Han Solo and allowed the Silicone Plastique® to set for over an hour. Once it had fully set I removed Sculpey Han and was excited to see a successful mold had been made! So I washed it and let it dry fully before moving on to the next step.


Now that I had a mold, it was time to start making the chocolates! I picked up some of the Wilton Candy Melts® in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Since I only had one mold, I tried to be careful to not melt more chocolates then I needed, following the instructions on the bag. Once it was all melted, I gently spooned the chocolate into the mold, being careful to make sure it filled in all the crevasses, like the fingers, face and toes. Once the whole mold was filled I popped it into the freezer for a good 15-20 minutes. When the chocolate had fully solidified I gently removed it from the mold to reveal a successful Han Solo Chocolate bar!


For fun I also made a garnish of white chocolate stars using the Wilton Stars Candy Mold. I placed them along the bottom of the plate for the Han Solo Chocolates to sit on, thus creating an out of this world edible display.
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