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This is the original spider brooch, a good 2½ inches long. The legs were a challenge. We surprised the bride with it on her wedding cake!
I backed the spider brooch with clay.
I rubbed the brooch with Seal-Dit before covering it with Silicone Plastique®.
I used a paint brush to drop the clay below the legs of the spider.
I finished setting the clay base.
I placed the clay based spider on a food-safe plate before setting the Silicone Plastique® over the spider and clay.
I placed bit by bit of Silicone Plastique® over the body of the spider to get a clear impression. It was covered in rhinestones. I used the clay to hide the loop for the brooch.
I continued to cover the brooch with Silicone Plastique®.
Done! The curing stage was next. It took two hours in our temperature that day.
Here is the spider mold all finished. I pressed gumpaste into the mold. I over-covered the spider because the legs were fragile. Once the gumpaste dried over night, I trimmed off as much as necessary for the spider.
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