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EZ Shellmaker™


This tutorial illustrates how to make a mother mold (support shell) with EZ Shell Maker™. A mother mold is typically an outer, rigid shell that supports the flexible rubber mold helping it to retain its shape during the casing process. EZ Shell Maker™ is an easy to use, non-toxic material that firms up in about 30 minutes and dries to a tremendous hardness overnite. Each roll is 8″ wide by 5 yards long.

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Step 1

In this tutorial a mother mold (support shell) will be made over a Silicone Spread™ mold. The mother mold, otherwise known as a support shell will hold the mold level for filling and provide support when pressing fondant, gumpaste or any clay-like material into the mold.

Step 2

Unroll EZ- ShellMaker ™ and cut enough so that the dimensions of the sheet are larger than the mold to be covered by an inch or two. Cut or overlap EZ- ShellMaker™ to create a sheet four to six layers thick.

Step 3

Dip entire sheet of EZ-ShellMaker™ in room temperature water very quickly in order to wet the entire sheet. This does not take long, no more than a second.

Step 4

Squeeze out excess water so the sheet is wet but not dripping.

Step 5

Place the wetted EZ- ShellMaker™ over the back side of the mold.

Step 6

Press EZ- ShellMaker™ around the mold so that it conforms tightly to the shape of the mold. Fold the edges that protrude past the mold back and rub smooth.

Step 7

Cut and size more EZ- ShellMaker™, 6 layers thick, in order to create a foot that can be attached to the mother mold. Wet and apply onto the mother mold. EZ- ShellMaker™ will bond to itself.

Step 8

Apply more wetted EZ- ShellMaker™ to create a strong foot.

Step 9

Use a chef’s level to make sure that the top of the foot is level.

Step 10

Allow EZ- ShellMaker™ to sit for about 30 minutes until it is firm enough to handle. EZ- ShellMaker™ will not adhere to the Silicone Spread™ and should be removed so that the mother mold can dry thoroughly inside and out over night.

Step 11

The mother mold (support shell) can be trimmed with a pair of scissors. Now you can pour directly into the Silicone Spread™mold while it is held level by the mother mold. When its time to unmold, the rubber mold can be separated from the support shell and peeled easily from the casting.

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