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It is of great importance that you have a secure online experience when visiting our website. is not in the business of selling, trading or renting your personal information. All the information we obtain from you is for the purposes of providing the best customer service possible. We ask for your email address and phone number so that we may confirm and keep you informed of your order’s progress. It is not the policy of to use our customer information as a commodity for sale or trade to third parties. We hate spam as much as you do.

Security uses industry-standard technologies when transferring and receiving customer information which is protected through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.
What Information Do We Collect?
We only collect information that we need that is related to your order and your account. This includes your:
Billing Address
Shipping Address
Email Address
Credit Card Information
In addition we also collect information on your IP address, browser type, and Refer URL data. We use this data to prevent hacking attempts, help us know what web browsers people are using, and find out where our visitors are coming from so that we can improve our marketing.
At, we have a huge respect for your privacy. Third parties (such as AdRoll) may place cookies on your browser for targeted advertising purposes. Information collected may include IP addresses, cookie identifiers and website activity. You may opt out here.  If you have any questions about the details of our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Cookies and Browser Information
Cookies are small files that reside on your computer and allow us to recognize you on your next visit to our website. We use cookies to store visitors preferences, record session information, such as items that consumers add to their shopping cart, record what pages users access and record past activity at a site in order to provide better service when visitors return to our site.
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