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There are many methods that can be employed when making molds and much depends on the shape, size and complexity of the object being duplicated. Below you will find a complete listing our silicone mold making products with helpful links to step by step instructions and instructional videos. This is a good place to start when planning your mold making project and also serves as a convenient buying page once you have selected the mold making materials that you need.

Mold Making With Silicone Plastique

Silicone Plastique® is a mold making material that is not a liquid. Instead it has the consistency of soft modeling clay. It can be applied by hand to almost any surface or rolled out between sheets of plastic or parchment paper. Cure time is only one hour to yeild a pliable yet durable silicone mold suitable for direct food contact. Because you apply only the amount you need, you save on quantity of silicone used. Very Cost Effective Food Grade Mold Making Product!

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Mold Making With Silicone Spread

Silicone Spread™ is a mold making product that has a consistency like buttercream and can be applied using a brush, spatula or pastry bag. Silicone Spread™ can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces and creates a rubber mold with a soft feel and excellent stretch. Great for highly detailed objects and much better than old fashioned liquid latex compounds. Silicone Spread is a food grade mold making material.

Making Mold With CopyFlex Liquid Silicone CopyFlex Liquid Silicone™ is an easy to use liquid silicone mold making material where equal amounts of part A and part B are combined to produce a durable, flexible, food grade rubber mold that resists temperatures below freezing and up to 450 degrees F. 

Brushing Seal-Dit To Seal Porous Object

Seal-Dit™ is a food grade blend of waxes that is very effective at sealing wood, plaster, paper, cloth and almost any porous surface. This is essential before applying silicone mold making materials in order to prevent the silicone from seeping into the surface and becoming mechanically trapped in the pores.

Applying Anchor-Dit To Model Anchor-Dit™ is a food grade temporary adhesive that creates a strong suction between an object and work surface. It effectively stops silicone from creeping under an object and also prevents objects from floating when using liquid silicone mold making products.

Revealing 2 Part Mold Separated By Release Agent Release Dit™ is primarily used to create a non-stick barrier between two silicone surfaces during the mold making process. Essential for multiple part mold production preventing one silicone part from bonding to another. Release-Dit™ also creates a slick surface on an object so that a cured mold can be more easily removed.

Clay For Mold Making  Safe-D-Clay™ can be used to thicken thin objects before mold making and also to back irregularly shaped objects. Safe-D-Clay™ is non-toxic and non-drying and is perfect for the clay ups that are necessary when making two part molds.

Using EZ Shell Maker To Make Mother Mold EZ Shell Maker™ The flexibility of silicone rubber molds often require a “mother mold” also called a support shell in order to provide the support necessary to maintain its shape. EZ Shell Maker is a safe, easy to use material anyone can use to make a mother mold.

Pouring Isomalt Sugar Into Silicone Mold

ClearCut™ Isomalt – Chemically pure, ultra high grade Isomalt used by chefs and sugar artists to create cake decorations, showpieces and confectionary delights. We sell Isomalt at the best prices you have ever seen and the best quality you have ever bought.

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