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“Here some cakes I made using’s Silicone Plastique® and Isomalt, For the Eagle Scout badge cake, I made a mold of the eagle from an Eagle Scout plaque. I was able to make a second cake months later with the mold I had already made. It only took a minute to place the fondant in the mold and then unmold it!

I made the castle cake using Isomalt for the moat. The “grass” side of the moat is lined with rolled fondant that I dried overnight, the “castle” side is lined with white chocolate fondant colored with blue Wilton icing gel, and the “riverbed” is exposed plywood. I poured Isolmalt directly into the moat, which turned opaque after two days. I was thrilled that the Isolmalt did not melt the fondant or the white chocolate fondant when I poured it!”

Mary Beth Lohmueller
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