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How to make a split mold is a request that many of our customers have made through the years. This type of mold is very popular because a split mold offers many of the advantages found in a two part mold, yet it is easier to make and also takes less time. Take a moment to read this step by step tutorial and learn how you can make your own slit mold and then benefit from its many advantages.

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Step 1


Step 2

Before a split mold can be made of this glass candle holder it must be filled with Safe-D-Clay™. Press softened Safe-D-Clay™ to fill the cavity flush with the top. Leaving candle holder empty and filled with air could interfere with the mold making procedure since an air filled object can float when covered with liquid silicone.


Apply Anchor-Dit™ about 1/16” thick to the filled side of candle holder and press this side down onto work the surface so that Anchor-Dit™ “smooshes” out the sides. Wipe the smooshed Anchor-Dit™ away with a dry brush or soft cloth.

Step 3


Step 4

Mix a small amount of CopyFlex® and apply a “skim coat” with a natural bristle artist brush working the CopyFlex® into all the details on the surface of the object to be molded. Assemble Adjust-a-Mold around skim coated object so that a minimum of ¼ inch clearance exists around all sides of the object.


Mark a “fill to” line on the inside of the Adjust-a-Mold a minimum of ¼” above the highest point on the object being molded. Pour CopyFlex® to fill line.

Step 5


Step 6

In order to show this procedure properly, the spring clamps were removed from the Adjust-a-Mold™ in the previous step so that more detail could be captured photographically. In this step, the Adjust-a-Mold™ is shown with the spring clamps attached.


Once the CopyFlex® Liquid Silicone has cured, remove the Adjust-a-Mold™.

Step 7


Step 8

With a very sharp knife, pierce through the top of the rubber mold until the blade makes contact with the object inside. With blade maintaining constant contact with object, cut across top and down corner of CopyFlex® mold to create a slit down one side of the mold.


Open mold along the slit to free the object inside.

Step 9


Wash and dry the split mold thoroughly. Use masking tape to secure the mold and keep it closed while in use. CopyFlex® Liquid Silicone cures with memory which means that it will retain the shape it was cured. Masking tape helps keep the mold closed along the slit when in use.



Pounds Price per lb. Buy  
1 to 4 lbs. $25.00 per lb.  
5 to 9 lbs. $24.00 per lb.

You Save $1 per lb.

10 to 19 lbs. $23.00 per lb.

You Save $2 per lb.

20 to 29 lbs. $22.00 per lb.

You Save $3 per lb.

30 to 39 lbs. $21.00 per lb.

You Save $4 per lb.

40 to 49 lbs. $20.00 per lb.

You Save $5 per lb.

50lbs. and over

$19.00 per lb.

You Save $6 per lb.


When you order CopyFlex®, you will receive one half as Part A (catalyst) and the other half as Part B (Base). The price of CopyFlex® decreases as the quantity ordered increases as indicated above.



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