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Bethany Thouin
The Cocoa Tree
Nashville, TN

Bethany Thouin is a chocolatier and founder of The Cocoa Tree in Nashville, Tennessee. She has created more than 20 signature truffles which have been purchased or received by Faith Hill, Nicole Kidman, Wolfgang Puck, and President Bush. She was named one of the Top 10 Rising Stars in America’s Confectionary Constellation and was honored to assist world-renowned Chef Stephane Glacier at the World Pastry Forum.

Bethany recently competed against three chocolatiers on the Food Network’s “Chocolate Landmarks Challenge” and her chocolate replica of the Statue of Liberty merited great applause from the judges. She presented a haute couture chocolate dress in the 2007 New York City Chocolate Show. Most recently, she released a book titled Chocolate Covered Friendship.

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