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Silicone Spread™ - Food Grade Silicone Paste

Food Grade Silicone Mold Making Silicone SpreadSilicone Spread™ is a food grade, silicone paste that has the consistency of frosting. It can be applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces with a brush, spatula or pastry bag. Because of its thixotropic consistency, Silicone Spread™ can be easily worked into the finest details of an object and will remain in place throughout the two hour cure time. The objective when working with this mold making material is to apply it in three to four layers in order to produce the final mold. Silicone Spread™ was designed to replace old fashioned latex mold rubber mixtures used to make brush on molds.

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Step 1 Step 2
Silicone Spread Equal Parts A & BEqual amounts of Part A (yellow) and Part B (white) measured by weight. Stirring Parts A & B Of Silicone SpreadParts A and B should be stirred thoroughly until a uniform color is achieved. The Silicone Spread™ is now ready to use and should remain workable for up to 20 minutes.
Step 3 Step 4
Applying Silicone Spread With Brush“Skim” Coat: Apply Silicone Spread™ with a flat, firm brush (boars hair or pig bristle is recommended). Work the silicone paste into your model’s details, coating the entire surface. Applying Silicone Spread With Pastry BagSecond Coat: Wait about an hour in order to allow the Silicone Spread™ to come to “half” cure or what is called the gel state. It should still feel very sticky but is no longer a paste that sticks to your finger when you lightly touch it. Brush on another, thicker layer of Silicone Spread™ completely covering your model. You may dispense this second coat with a pastry bag, directing the material with your brush. Every additional application of Silicone Spread™ will bond to the preceding layer whether it is fully cured or not.
Step 5 Step 6
Applying Silicone Spread With SpatulaThird Coat: Using a palette knife or spatula, apply a very thick layer of Silicone Spread™ coating the entire model. With this application, you should create a mold with a wall thickness of at least one-quarter inch in thickness. Silicone Spread™ will bond to itself even if previous layers have fully cured. Smoothing Silicone Spread Mold Making SiliconeFor a smoother surface on your finished mold, you may lay plastic-wrap over your final layer and smooth it before it cures. Do not remove the plastic wrap until the Silicone Spread™ has fully cured.
Step 7 Step 8
Removing Cured Silicone SpreadSilicone Spread™ has a work-time of about 15 - 20 minutes and a cure time of around two hours at room temperature. Allow the Silicone Spread™ time to fully cure before removing your original object. Trimming Excess Material From Silicone Spread MoldExcess material ( “flash”) around the edges of your mold may be carefully trimmed off with scissors.

When you order Silicone Spread™, you will receive one half of the amount you ordered as Part A (catalyst) and the other half as Part B (base) which combined will create Silicone Spread™.

Sorry for the inconvenience but due to supply complications Silicone Spread™ will be discontinued. If you need food grade silicone please check out our Silicone Plastique® and our CopyFlex™ Liquid Silicone.

Want to know how much you need? Click here Material Safety Data Sheet
The step by step instruction for Silicone Spread™ shown above is the simplest method for making a mold. There are other mold making methods for using Silicone Spread™ which are available in our How To Make Molds and Free Online Videos sections of this website.
Silicone Spread™ is Outstanding to Make Molds For: Chocolate, Butter, Fondant, Ice Cream, Pulled Sugar, Cheese,  Ice, Gelatin, Hard Candy, Gum Paste, Pastillage, Royal Icing, Candy Clay, Butter Cream, Marzipan, Sherbet, Sorbet.
It may surprise you to know that almost half of our mold making customers purchase Silicone Spread™ for use with non-food materials. Reasons given are ease of use, high quality from a platinum based curing system and the peace of mind that comes from using a product that is not harmful, toxic or emits dangerous fumes.
Silicone Spread™ is Perfect For These Non-Food Mold Making Applications: Wax, Clay, Polymer Clay, Plaster, Melt and Pour Soap, Precious Metal Clay, Cold and Hot Processed Soap, Casting Resin, Candles, Cold Porcelain, Plastic, Cement, Hot Glue, Low Melt Metals and More!

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