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Instructional Mold Making DVDs

By popular request, our instructional videos are now available on DVD format! Watch “How to make a Lace Mold” or “How to make a Sugar Bottle Mold” - at your own pace for detailed step-by-step instruction.

How to Make a Sugar Bottle Mold

Learn how to make a sugar bottle mold with CopyFlex Food Grade Silicone. Sugar bottles are greatly valued by cake decorators and sugar artists who use them to create sugar beer bottles and edible wine bottles for grooms cakes and birthday cakes. Filmmakers, stagecraft special effects artists and theatre prop specialists use sugar bottle molds to create breakaway glass bottles that can be safely broken over a person or object without causing injury. Isomalt and cooked sugar (also called sugar glass, candy glass, fake glass and edible glass) can be used to recreate any bottle in an edible form. Chocolate can also be used to create decadent, edible bottles that will delight customers and guests alike with a truly unique confection.



How to Make a Lace Mold

Many pastry chefs, sugar artists, cake decorators and master bakers have longed to accommodate a popular request made by the modern bride which is to have the lace from her dress reproduced in sugar on her wedding cake. This free instructional mold making video provides in depth, step by step instruction showing the secret knowlege necessarry in order to learn how to make a lace mold. Once the mold is made, it can be used with fondant, gum paste, poured sugar, chocolate, isomalt and almost any other food material. The beautiful texture created from "lace molds" has also been valuable when working with clay, wax, plaster, polymer clay, PMC, paper mache and many other craft mediums.




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