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ClearCut Isomalt and Supplies for Sugar Artists

ClearCut Isomalt

Chemically pure, ultra high grade Isomalt used by chefs and sugar artists to create cake decorations, showpieces and confectionary delights. We sell Isomalt at the best prices you have ever seen and the best quality you have ever bought.

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Food Grade Silica Gel Packets

Use to insure the quality of your Isomalt and sugar creations. Food Grade Silica Gel Packets will keep the maximum amount of moisture out of your completed Isomalt and sugar projects. We provide different sized and weighted packets for a number of different sized creations.

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Induction Range

Provides speed and convenience for those who need to cook up Isomalt. Each Induction Range is a mold making tool designed to heat your pan with magnetic coils rather than conventional flame and turns itself off after the pan is removed for safety and efficancy

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