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Food Grade Sealer, Release Agent and Adhesive

The Dits are special, non-toxic mixtures that help resolve certain problems that may arise in the mold making process. Made from a blend of food grade waxes, the Dits are designed to be used instead of commercial adhesives, sealers and release agents which are usually poisonous and not appropriate in the production of food molds.

Food Grade Sealing Agent For Mold Making

Seal-Dit™ – Food Grade Sealer - Seals wood, plaster, paper, cloth, sea shells and almost any porous surface, making these items suitable or the application of silicone mold making materials. If a porous material is not sealed, silicone will find its way into the microscopic holes in the surface, cure to a rubber and become mechanically locked to the surface. In other words, you are going to have to rip the object out of the mold ruining the mold and possibly the object being duplicated.
Prices: 2oz. - $5.00            8oz. - $9.00

Food Grade Release Agent For Mold Making

Release-Dit™ – Food Grade Release Agent – Can be applied very thinly over a model to create a shiny surface and ensure easy release of the mold from the original object. Release Dit™ also can be used to form a non-stick barrier between two silicone surfaces preventing one from bonding with the other. This is particularly valuable when making multiple piece molds.
Prices: 2oz. - $5.00            8oz. - $9.00

Food Safe Temporary Adhesive For Mold Making

Anchor-Dit™ – Food Grade Temporary Adhesive – Silicone Mold Rubber will find its way into every crease, crack, pore or crevice and that means it will find its way underneath the object it is being applied to. This is not something that a mold maker wants to happen. Also, if an object floats in water, it can float in liquid silicone which can be disastrous, often requiring the mold maker to start over. Anchor-Dit™, when applied to the bottom of an object, creates a strong suction between the object and work surface. This prevents silicone from creeping underneath, and also keeps buoyant materials like wood and plastic in place throughout any mold making project.
Prices: 2oz. - $5.00            8oz. - $9.00

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