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Classes on Craftsy with MakeYourOwnMolds or Marvelous Molds Products

This web page is devoted to listing all of our products from the Cake Decorating Classes produced by Craftsy.com You can click the links to go to the Craftsy Class page for each of the exciting cake decorating topics. Or if you are just looking for the items that were used in a class we have them all listed below for your convenience.


Craftsy Classes

Designer Fondant Textures Class taught by Marina Sousa

Create tantalizingly touchable cakes with cake designer extraordinaire Marina Sousa in this hands-on exploration of designer fondant textures.

Marinas Silicone Onlays Class
Click here to watch the Craftsy class trailer.

In the latest Craftsy video, Designer Fondant Textures featuring Marina Sousa, you will learn how to handle fondant like a pro! Marina Sousa, known around the world for her elegant and fashionable cakes, will teach you the following techniques:

  • Handle fondant like a professional for covering and decorating.
  • Add sparkle with luster dust, glitter, and paint.
  • Create texture with piping, stenciling, and embossing.
  • Sculpt fondant and gumpaste into ribbons, bows, flowers, and pearls.

We are delighted that Marina includes MakeYourOwnMolds and Marvelous Molds products in her Craftsy class.

silicone onlay

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Double Wedding Ring Silicone Onlay

brooch mold

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Ritzy Jewel Brooch Mold

silicone plastique

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Silicone Plastique

Sculpted Dog Cake taught by Elisa Strauss

Sculpted Dog Cake Class
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Immortalize Fido in fondant and create the perfect cake to honor the dog lover in your life. Elisa, instructor of the Craftsy course Designer Handbag Cakes, will walk you step-by-step through the process as you learn how to properly design, support and sculpt your pup from the bottom up. Learn to recreate an adorable Labradoodle or use Elisa's tips for texturing and coloring a variety of different dog furs, including Pomeranian, Dalmation and Shar Pei. Learn how to stack, carve and crumb coat the cake before wrapping it in fondant and adding a doggone cute collar and dog tags.

long fur impression mat

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Silicone Impression Mats

Intro to Isomalt taught by Charity Pykles-George

Intro to Isomalt
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Learn to cook, color and store isomalt as you craft colorful, three-dimensional cake decorations. Charity demystifies this sugar art by demonstrating how to use molds to make realistic rubies or champagne flutes you can actually drink from!

Learn how to make sparkling sugar sculptures by pulling isomalt into glossy bows, flowers and leaves and blowing sugar spheres that can be molded into animal figures or balloons. Charity also shares her sugar-spinning technique to create delicate strands of isomalt, which can be turned into textured decorations, from birds' nests to candy hair.


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ClearCut Isomalt
Price: $5.00

Designer Handbag Cakes Class taught by Elisa Strauss

Click here to watch the Craftsy class trailer.

Have your handbag and eat it too - let celebrity cake designer Elisa Strauss teach you to sculpt and decorate an unbelievably realistic couture handbag from cake.
Get a handle on designing handbag cakes, including custom color and texture choices. Fashion the handbag with divots and pleats to form an authentic sense of movement, and create genuine looking zippers, rivets and buckles from sugar paste.
Make a handbag so cute you could just eat it up. Sign up now for Designer Handbag Cakes.

silicone alligator impression mat

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Alligator Impression Mat
Price: $25.00

Jeweled Wedding Cake Class taught by Marina Sousa

Click here to watch the Craftsy class trailer.

In Marina Sousa's Jeweled Wedding Cake, you won't just be enamored with the dazzling final cake – you'll fall in love with the process of decorating it as well. Create a multi-tiered masterpiece dressed in edible embellishments like blossoms, brooches, bursts and bride-approved bling. Learn to construct custom pedestals draped with fondant swags and come away with essential cake industry knowledge.

Click here to watch the Craftsy class trailer.

Advanced Fondant Techniques Class taught by Marina Sousa

Click here to watch the Craftsy class trailer.

You've seen Food Network Challenge Champion Marina Sousa's spectacular cake creations on The Oprah Winfrey Show and in celebrity wedding albums. In Advanced Fondant Techniques, learn how Marina achieves her amazing results - the same methods she teaches at top culinary schools and shows in workshops that cost hundreds!

Click here to watch the Craftsy class trailer.

Products featured in the Advanced Fondant Techniques Class are listed below.
Click the pictures for more information.

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Price: $28.00

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Price: $28.00

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