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CopyFlex® – Liquid Silicone Mold Making Rubber

Food Grade Silicone Mold Making Liquid CopyFlex®CopyFlex® is a food grade, liquid silicone rubber that was designed specifically for mold making. Unlike many liquid silicones that have complicated mix ratios and very thick consistencies, CopyFlex® is easy to use because equal amounts of both catalyst and base are combined to produce a silky smooth, low viscosity liquid silicone rubber that reproduces the finest details. A 1:1 mix ratio is very convenient for large projects and also enables moldmakers to easily pour molds that may weigh as little as two ounces. Conventional liquid silicone mold making rubber often has a cure time of 24 to 36 hours which is very long when compared to CopyFlex® which will cure in four hours at 70 degrees F.

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Step 1 Step 2
Mounting Model With Anchor-DitApply Anchor-Dit™ to the back side of the original and press it down into the center of the mold box. Anchor-Dit™ should smoosh out the along the sides, insuring that a strong yet temporary bond has been established and that no silicone will creep underneath. With the excess Anchor-Dit™ removed, the mold box is ready to receive the CopyFlex® liquid. Equal Parts Of CopyFlex Liquid Mold Making SiliconeMix a small amount of CopyFlex® liquid silicone rubber - just enough to paint a thin coat over the object insuring that air bubbles are not trapped on the surface.
Step 3 Step 4
Mixing Equal Parts Of CopyFlex® Liquid Silicone RubberScale out equal parts of A and B by weight, combine the two parts in a container and mix thoroughly until the color is uniform. Make sure unmixed material does not remain on the sides or bottom. Painting Thin coat Of CopyFlex On OriginalUsing a natural bristle artist brush, paint on a thin coat of CopyFlex® onto the original. The idea here is not to cover the object but to imbed the mold making silicone into the details. We call this a "skim coat" and it insures that no air bubbles will be trapped in the nooks and crannies of the surface.
Step 5 Step 6
Pouring CopyFlex® Liquid Silicone To Make MoldOnce the skim coat is applied, a larger batch of CopyFlex® silicone rubber is prepared and pured to fill the mold box at least 1/4" above the highest point on the original. Continuing The Mold Making ProcessCopyFlex®; should be poured in one spot from a height of about 12" which allows the material to stretch as it falls.  We call this a "stretch pour" and it helps eliminate air that was incorporated into the liquid silicone during mixing.
Step 7 Step 8
CopyFlex® Liquid Silicone Covering The OriginalAllow CopyFlex® to slowly creep over the original until it is covered completely. Unmolding Cured CopyFle®x Liquid Silicone MoldCopyFlex® cures in about four hours. A quick way to check if CopyFlex® is completely cured is press a coin's edge into the surface to see if it leaves an imprint. Cured CopyFlex® will spring right back leaving no imprint whatsoever.

When you order CopyFlex®, you will receive one half of the amount you ordered as Part A (catalyst) and the other half as Part B (base) which combined will create CopyFlex®.

Buy More & Save! 

CopyFlex® is sold by the pound. As your order increases, the total cost decreases. In other words, if you purchase anywhere from 1 to 4 pounds, your cost per pound is $25.00. If you purchase anywhere from 5 to 9 pounds, your cost per pound is reduced to $24.00, and so on.

Watch this video to find out how much CopyFlex® is needed for any project.

Pounds Price Per Pound Buy
1 to 4 lbs. $25.00 per lb.
5 to 9 lbs. $24.00 per lb.
10 to 19 lbs. $23.00 per lb.
20 to 29 lbs. $22.00 per lb.
30 to 39 lbs. $21.00 per lb.
40 to 49 lbs. $20.00 per lb.
50 or more lbs. $19.00 per lbs.
Want to know how much you need? Click here Material Safety Data Sheet
The step by step instruction for CopyFlex® liquid silicone shown above is the simplest method for making a mold. There are other mold making methods for using CopyFlex™ which are available in our "How To Make Molds" and "Free Online Videos" sections of this website.
CopyFlex® is Outstanding to Make Molds For: Chocolate, Hard Candy, Gum Paste, Pastillage, Royal Icing, Candy Clay, Butter Cream,  Marzipan, Sherbet, Sorbet, Butter, Fondant, Ice Cream, Pulled Sugar, Cheese, Ice, Gelatin.
It may surprise you to know that almost half of our mold making customers purchase CopyFlex® for use with non-food materials. Reasons given are ease of use, high quality from a platinum based curing system and the peace of mind that comes from using a liquid silicone rubber that is not harmful, toxic or emits dangerous fumes.
CopyFlex® is Perfect For These Non-Food Mold Making Applications: Wax, Clay, Polymer Clay, Plaster, Melt and Pour Soap, Precious Metal Clay, Cold and Hot Processed Soap, Casting Resin, Candles, Cold Porcelain, Plastic, Cement, Hot Glue, Low Melt Metals and More!

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